To contact Euronet national teams, please fill out the forms available at "country contact page" (alphabetical order): CroatiaFrance, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, SpainPortugal and United Kingdom.
To contact the association, please use this specific form or send an email to mrphnet @ Thank you.

Please, contact the webmaster by its own form or write an email to webmaster @

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Board members

  • Damir Ivanković - President: president @
  • Alberto Mateo - Vice President: vicepresident @
  • Lilian van der Ven - Secretary: secretary @
  • Damiano Cerasuolo - Treasurer: treasurer @


  • Matej Vinko - Internships lead: internships @
  • Sorina Dana Mihailescu - Research lead: research @
  • Duarte Brito - Webmaster lead: webmaster @
  • Fatima Mori - Communication lead: communication @