President: Damir Ivankovic

2nd year resident in Croatia
My main public health interests are health informatics, data and information management, policy research, evidence based and informed policy-making.

Vice-President: Alberto Mateo

2nd year resident in United Kingdom
My main public health interests are food, obesity, global health, epidemiology and health inequalities.

Secretary: Lilian van der Ven

2nd/3rd year resident in The Netherlands
I work in youth public health. I am also interested in refugee health and in policy making.

Treasurer: Damiano Cerasuolo

3rd year resident in France
I worked in health administration and health economics departments and in the center for anonymous STD screening, where I did some research about sexually transmissible diseases.

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Internship: Matej Vinko

2nd year resident in Slovenia
My main public health interests are mental health, health inequities, health literacy, health promotion, public health education and training.

Research: Sorina Dana Mihailescu

2nd year resident in France
My main public health interests are Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology.

Communication: Fátima Mori

4th year resident in Spain
My main public health interests are social determinants, non-transmissible diseases, global health, social networks and communication, translational medicine.

Webmaster: Duarte Brito

1st year resident in Portugal
My main interests in PH are healthcare planning/management, geographical epidemiology,  healthcare marketing and communication, training and education.