Programme of winter meeting will focus mainly on residents, our work and initiatives. Meeting will take place in a remote settlement on relatively high altitude. With no distractions in vicinity we will focus our energy in networking and inner workings of EuroNet MRPH.

Location of the meeting

Velika planina is known for the herdsmen’s settlement, which is one of the biggest in Europe. The settlement is revived every June, when herdsmen return to the settlement and tend to their cattle until September. The settlement is distinct by its typical architecture which symbolises Velika planina.

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The official part of the meeting will take place at restaurant Zeleni rob, located near to cottages, or at one of the bigger cottages – depending on the size of the group of residents coming to the meeting.

Not your typical meeting

We will be staying in cottages in Velika planina, which are, in their appearance, very similar to herdsmen’s cottages, but their interior is much more luxurious and adjusted to demands of the tourists. The cottages are equipped with water and electricity. There is an equipped kitchen (pots, pans, utensils, glasses, etc.), the bedrooms are equipped with pillows and blankets and the bed linens will be available for us. The cottages also have a fireplace that creates a nice atmosphere and heats the cottage. A restaurant called Zeleni rob is located just a few steps from the cottages. It offers a variety of traditional local dishes. Water in the cottages is from rainfall and it is therefore not drinkable. Bottled water will be available at the cottages. Since we will be in the mountains, the easiest luggage to carry around will probably be a backpack. If necessary, luggage transportation will be arranged by sleigh.

How to get there?

Getting to Ljubljana
All flights to and from Ljubljana are operated through the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, which is located 25 km from the city centre.

Any location in Ljubljana is easy accessible from Ljubljana Airport and all international neighbouring airports with GoOpti buses and shuttles. GoOpti is an award-winning Demand Responsive Transport service offering a reliable and comfortable service 24/7. With its fleet of buses and shuttles, the company can provide swift logistic support to delegates.

Getting to the meeting venue
To get to Velika planina, one must take a cable car first and then a chairlift also. The bottom station of the cable car is located just a few kilometers outside Ljubljana (in Kamniška Bistrica). Shuttle service from Ljubljana to Kamniška Bistrica will be organised. From the top station of the cable car a double seat lift then takes us to the cottages. One piece of luggage per person is allowed in the cable car and is free of charge.

Getting back home
If you plan to stay until the end of the regular programme of the meeting, you have nothing to worry about. We will organise a transport from Velika planina to Ljubljana and/or Ljubljana Airport. If you plan to leave early, you will have to look up the timetable of cable bar and chairlift. After figuring out when those two operate (and during weekends they are running quite frequently) you will have to find a bus from bottom of the cable car to Ljubljana. It is doable – but we recommend you stay until the end of the regular programme.

Are you coming?

Fill out the form then!
You can find it here:

But please, pretty please, don’t fill it out if you are not sure whether you’re coming or not. We need to make a lot of booking and arrangements in advance – overbooking will cost those who come and underbooking will cost those who figure out they want to come in November. We probably will not be able to accomodate people who will not fill out the form in time.

Application deadline: October 7th
Deadline extended: October 9th


Meeting programme