Lisbon Meeting (I YPHE)
30 November - 2 December 2017

The challenge was not only to organize the next Euronet MRPH Winter Meeting in Lisbon, but also to create the first Medical Residents of Public Health Conference in just 4 months and with a very low budget!

The Euronet’s Portuguese team was very enthusiastic about this idea, as the country has experienced an increase in the number of MRPH in the last few years; Lisbon is also now a very popular city for tourism and Portugal had not hosted a Euronet meeting since the end of 2014. Also, there was no better way to celebrate 5 years of Portuguese Euronet MRPH membership – a network that is also having an excellent year so far!

The YPHE – Young Public Health in Europe (Euronet MRPH Winter Meeting) took place in Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública/Public Health National School, from the 30th November to the 2nd December. There were 71 participants, from 9 member countries, of which 33 were Portuguese, making it the biggest meeting in Euronet history.
The well-prepared, rich and detailed Scientific program was great! The first session on 30th November - “From data to knowledge” - presented the importance of using data, especially in the emergency field. This was followed by two workshops: one about communication, with a fascinating journey through high-impact communication and some key points when storytelling; the other workshop was titled “inside the mind of an epidemiologist”. A session on training and professional development in Public Health raised a very interesting debate, where questions and interventions from participants were welcomed. Other stimulating workshops included: the using of social media in research; how to get what you want from meetings; and drug monitoring and effectiveness. The quality of the workshops caused the young MRPH some difficulty when choosing between sessions!

The 1st December was the highlight of the scientific programme: a session about how data will shape our cities from a PH perspective and then the last big challenge: “the elevator pitch”. Delegates were divided into small groups and tasked with looking for creative solutions for PH problems. It was an incredible adventure, every group prepared a 3 minute presentation. Some observations? Suffice to say, we loved developing HEALTH4ALL in this friendly, funny, amazing way. The afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to show so many of the 1st year MRPH the Euronet style and its pillars: networking, internship and research.

However..…what would be a Euronet meeting without the social events?
The social programme aimed to create strong bonds between Euronet’s members and facilitate cultural exchanges and discoveries. And because we were in Portugal, the programme was as “quente” as the weather!

The first two social events occurred in the restaurants of Lisbon. During the first one, we listened to Fado, which is a popular kind of music with melancholy themes and strings instruments. The second night involved an European Public Health quiz! We split into mixed-country teams to try to answer the 30 questions and compete for the prize! (For the winning team: special thanks to Damir and the Croatian wine lovers.) Each event progressed to partying in the bars and clubs of the city.

For the third social event, the nightlife was traded for a cultural visit to the neighbourhood of Belém, accompanied by two guides. We walked through Belém, learning about all its history: from the big earthquake of 1755, to the story of boats leaving the harbours to discover the world, expanding the Portuguese empire; from the story of the royal family to the presidential palace of today. And of course the history of the “pastéis de Belém”, that we not only listened to but also tasted!

The consensus was that the 2017 Euronet meeting had been an enjoyable success. The choice of Lisbon allowed us to enjoy the sun and the Portuguese team did a fantastic job of organising an array of interesting speakers and workshops, information, lunches and other things. A lot of new faces joined the network in this meeting and we hope that more will continue to do so, to help the young European Public Health community flourish. Can’t wait to see 2018!

Mariana Carrapatoso, Viviana Santoro, Melchior de Giraud d’Agay, Matt Robinson
Public Health Medical Residents from Portugal, Italy, France and Ireland

Motovun Meeting
7-8 July 2017

This year EuroNet Summer Meeting was in the beautiful city of Motovun in the Istrian hills of Croatia. Our wonderful hosts were the Croatian EuroNet team and the Croatian Public Health residents, consultants and colleagues from across the country. Twenty-one EuroNet members attended from 8 member countries. The meeting was coupled with the Croatian National Health Systems and Health Policy Conference, which provided a great opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Developing and building on existing partnerships was a key topic at the Summer Meeting. As EuroNet MRPH grows in size, we know that the partnerships we form and the work we can do with partner organisations becomes more and more important. One of the organisations we have a partnership with is European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), who will be organising a health advocacy workshop for us in Brussels on 28 and 29 September 2017. The workshop has proved hugely popular and is now full! A newly strengthened partnership is with the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER). ASPHER wants to reform the public health curriculum, by defining competencies a public health professional should have. We spent time discussing how competencies are integrated into the various European curricula. Furthermore, ASPHER had asked for a member of EuroNet to sit on their Executive Board and on their professionalisation committee: a great opportunity to further strengthen the relationship between ASPHER and EuroNet MRPH and work together more closely in future.

Internships are one of the core areas EuroNet works on, acting as a mediator between resident and institution, promoting opportunities for residents and actively searching for internship institutions. Goals this year are to institute internship tutors, to do a follow up study of the past three years, to evaluate the past six months, to plan the next year and to get more national and international placements, so the working group have a busy agenda ahead!

The EuroNet Platform launched during the Spring Meeting in Strasbourg is now LIVE and ready to go! The Platform is a unique new digital platform that gives residents the opportunity to collaborate on public health research projects. Visit the platform at

The meeting was an opportunity to hear from colleagues from around Croatia about the work they are doing and learn from them. We were really lucky to receive a talk from the Cochrane Collaboration Team and we also heard from Professor Stjepan Oreskovic on the issue of leadership, something that as a group we know is important area for us to develop during residency to be able to effectively lead and manage change within our organisations.

Planning ahead: at the European Public Health conference in Stockholm this November we are co-organising a workshop with EuphaNXT and Young Forum Gastein about presenting a scientific work to a non-scientific audience. There will be two speakers; a journalist and a public health professional with experience in communicating with a variety of audiences and working internationally in public health.

As you know, EuroNet has always been a place to make both work links and long lasting friendships, and the meeting provided plenty of opportunity to get to know each other better over delicious food and drink. 

See you in Lisbon!

Strasbourg Meeting
7-8 April 2017

As you may have read elsewhere on this website, EuroNet members meet each other face to face three times a year to exchange experiences and ideas and to make sure the network keeps running smoothly. The 2017 Spring meeting took place in Strasbourg, France.

What made this meeting extra special was the launch of EuroNet Platform, a unique new digital platform that gives residents the opportunity to collaborate on public health research projects (see This launch took place on Friday morning in an equally unique location: the European Parliament in Strasbourg. After the launch, there was a tour of the Parliament, to give those with political aspirations their very first taste of Europarliamentarianship.

Friday afternoon was filled with interesting lectures by various public health professionals from Strasbourg University. On Saturday, we had our General Assembly and we worked on the various EuroNet MRPH working groups. You can read all about these working groups elsewhere on this website.

Two very full days indeed! Luckily, fun is also an important objective of EuroNet MRPH, and so there was enough time left in the program for tarte flambée, sauerkraut, wine and French karaoke. Pictures of this part of the program will remain in an undisclosed location.

Would you like to know more, or come to a meeting yourself? Contact us at

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