Internships | Rotations

Please, note that this table provides only an example of open rotations for local public health residents. This does not mean that there are open internship positions in the listed institutions. EuroNet can facilitate contact with those institutions through National Commissions. The opportunity of an internship is managed and decided directly by the institutions/organizations and EuroNet has no influence on it.

OrganisationUnitDomain of Public HealthCountryCity
National Institute of Public Health of SloveniaHealth Research and DevelopmentMental HealthSloveniaLjubljana
National Institute of Public Health of SloveniaHealth Research and DevelopmentHealth Promotion and Health in all PoliciesSloveniaLjubljana
National Institute of Health, ISSScientific CommunicationAll ISS DepartmentsItalyRome
Instituto Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones MédicasBarcelona Laboratory for Urban Environmental Justice and SustainabilityEpidemiologySpainBarcelona
Ministerio de SanidadCentro de Coordinacion de Alertas y Emergencias Sanitarias (CCAES)EpidemiologySpainMadrid
Universitat Pompeu FabraCentre d'investigació en Salut Laboral (CiSAL)Occupational healthSpainBarcelona
Ministerio de SanidadSubdirección General de Promoción de la Salud, Prevención y EquidadHealth PromotionSpainMadrid
Escuela Andaluza de Salud PúblicaSistema de Registro de CáncerHealth PreventionSpainGranada
Dirección General de Salud Pública y AdiccionesPlanificación y Evaluacion de Políticas SanitariasHealth Planning SpainValencia
Bordeaux Population Health10 teams
Laboratoire ESTER (INSERM UMR 1085) EpidemiologyFranceAngers
IARC - OMSInfections and Cancer Epidemiology GroupCancer EpidemiologyFranceLyon
Sanofi PasteurPharmacovigilance / EpidemiologyPharmacovigilance / EpidemiologyFranceLyon
SOA AIDS Nederland NGO: STI's/HIV/Sexual HealthInfectious DiseasesThe NetherlandsAmsterdam
European Medicines AgencyDifferent scientific committeesPharmacology / Vaccines / EpidemiologyThe NetherlandsAmsterdam
RIVMDutch centre for infectious diseases control (LCI)Surveillance / EpidemiologyThe NetherlandsUtrecht
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (NGO)Different TB pogrammes: epidemiology, surveillance, diagnostics, treatmentInfectious DiseasesThe NetherlandsThe Hague
Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center DiseasesThe NetherlandsRotterdam
London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineDepartment of Health Services Research and PolicyHealth PolicyUKLondon
Faculty of Public HealthGlobal Committee of the Faculty of Public HealthGlobal HealthUKLondon
NOVA National School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH)Health StratagiesBiology and Health, Epidemiology and Statistics, Global Health, Planning and Governance in Health and Health PromotionPortugalLisbon
NOVA National School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH)Occupational and Environmental HealthOccupational Health and Environmental HealthPortugalLisbon
NOVA National School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH)Health Policy and Systems ManagementHealth Organizations’ Management and Health Services’ PoliciesPortugalLisbon
NOVA National School of Public Health (NOVA NSPH)Social Sciences in HealthHealth Economics, Health Sociology and Health Law and BioethicsPortugalLisbon
Global Health and Tropical Medicine CenterIndividual health careClinical research focused on the epidemiology, prevention, treatment and diagnosis of infections in the tropics and in travelersPortugalLisbon
Global Health and Tropical Medicine CenterVector borne diseases and pathogensVector-borne diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, arboviral and tick-borne infectionsPortugalLisbon
Global Health and Tropical Medicine CenterTB, HIV and opportunistic diseases and pathogensMolecular epidemiology, diagnosis, study of drug resistance mechanisms, drug discovery and control of tuberculosis, HIV and opportunistic diseases,PortugalLisbon
Global Health and Tropical Medicine CenterPopulation health, policies and servicesHealth Policy and Planning; Human Resources for Health; Health determinants of vulnerable populations.PortugalLisbon