One of our main objectives is to promote and facilitate international training opportunities
EuroNet has always put a focus on promoting international training experiences for associated countries’ medical residents in Public Health. In fact, we believe that doing an internship abroad is one of the best opportunities to network, and to improve communication and cooperation between PH actors and experts.

Euronet’s internship facilitation program
Our internship program aims to assist PH medical residents looking for internship opportunities abroad, we do this by:

  • Identifying potential hosting organizations/institutions based on the residents’ preferences.
  • Facilitating contact between residents and the organizations/institutions previously identified.

Please note that EuroNet does not provide any internship position directly, does not interfere with the selection process, and has no role in defining the internship’s logistical, legal, and financial aspects. Its only function is to help residents connect with institutions/organizations.

Eligibility criteria for application
You must be a medical resident in Public Health from one of Euronet’s partner countries in order to benefit from our internship facilitation service.
Please note that due to an abundant number of requests, we will only respond to candidates meeting the criteria above.

How to proceed ?
Most international internship opportunities fall into 2 main categories : open positions and specific programmes. Yet, detailed information isn’t always easy to find. To help you identify possible internship opportunities, we created a specific list for each of these two categories:
– Open Internship Positions
– Traineeship and Internship Programmes

We also gathered some examples of interesting rotations that are open to local public health residents in some of the member countries. Even if these rotations do not represent open internship positions for PH residents coming from abroad, we can facilitate a first contact with those institutions/organizations in order to explore their availability to eventually host you for an internship there.

If you can’t find an interesting internship opportunity, please contact us by filling out the form below. We will help you to identify an organization based on your interests and to get in touch with them through our network.