We welcome you to Torino for the EuroNet MRPH Spring Meeting 2019!

The Italian Public Health residents welcome you to Torino for the EuroNet Spring Meeting 2019, from the 11th to the 13th of April 2019! We are organizing an experience that will strengthen the bonds between fellow residents and help our association to grow even more! We would like to have even greater participation than the previous ones, not just from EuroNet delegates, but from PH residents of all Europe in general.

What we also wish with this meeting, is to help EuroNet to be better known especially among Italian residents, and to do this we decided to join the Spring Meeting with the Italian Association of Public Health Residents (Consulta degli Specializzandi SItI) delegate assembly, which will be held on the 10th of April in Torino.

So expect a great EuroNet Meeting!


Register now: https://goo.gl/forms/4d6kjR8hHDlh4Sd33

The event is limited to 100 (hundred) participants (on a “first come first served” basis) and the registration will be closed on the 15th of March!

The City

Surrounded by the North-Western Alps, Torino is widely known as a famous winter destination, but you will discover that spring is especially charming here. The city is famous for its Savoy architecture, its famous museums (especially the Cinema Museum and the Egyptian Museum, the second largest collection after the Cairo one), the Po river and the beautiful Valentino park that runs along it, not to mention the food (bagna cauda, toma cheese, plin dumplings) and wine (Barolo and Nebbiolo above all).

And if you want to move outside the city you will find the Langhe hills, famous for food and wine, the Alps if you want to hyke or even ski on glaciers, the beautiful Lake Maggiore, the castles in Valle D’Aosta and the sea near Genova, everything in a couple of hours of train from Torino.

The meeting will be held between the historical Aula Magna (main hall) of the University of Turin, Via Po 15,  and the Department of Public Health, Via Santena 5bis, nearby the Ospedale “le Molinette”. Both places are very well connected via bus and Metro to the city center and the central train station (Porta Nuova station).

The Meeting

The meeting will be organized into three kinds of activities. There will be Group Activities, organized by the EuroNet Leads and Board, in which the participants will split to discuss many topics, related to the association or to the training in Public Health in general; everyone, delegate or not, will be able to listen to what EuroNet does, give opinions on problems, present experiences.

The second type of activities will be Plenaries. During these moments the EuroNet Board and Leads will report about the association activities, there will be guests, the EuroNet Research Working Group will describe the status of their work and there will be voting about important decisions for the association (General Assemblies). Only EuroNet National Committees delegates can vote during the assembly, but everyone is welcome to listen and give their opinion.

Finally, we wanted to make this meeting an educational experience. Therefore we organized two workshops: Data Science in Public Health and Public Health Policies regarding Fake News. These topics were picked from a list of Public Health relevant topics by a public consultation.

On Friday 12 morning, there will be the Data Science in Public Health session: we will have experts from the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI Foundation) and from the Polytechnic Institute of Turin, who will cover topics including artificial intelligence, digital tools, process modeling, in the field of epidemiology, health management and decision making.

In the afternoon instead, we will host the Public Health Policies regarding Fake News workshop: this section will include practical activities, in order to discuss how should Public Health institutions react to the spread of health-related fake news and what role we play as residents in addressing these topics, starting from training and communication.

Social Programme

You will try the world famous “Aperitivo”: a formula where with the first drink you get access to a buffet including a wide range of food, from starters to sweets, served hot and cold; we will choose the location after the subscription form will be closed, options include the beautiful locations of Piazza Vittorio Veneto or a terrace on the Po river. On the other night, we will have a more regular dinner in one of the restaurants or trattorie in the city center. For Alberto and for those who call themselves brave, a steaming-hot Bagna Cauda is already waiting.

And finally, you will experience the nightlife in Torino, which is also known for being a cultural center for the underground music scene.

Costs and accommodation

The only fixed cost is for the coffee breaks (10€ – 15€ depending on the number of participants). During the subscription, you will be asked whether you want to enjoy the lunch we organized on Friday (10€) and to participate to the dinner (max 25€) and the Aperitivo (max 15€). The costs may be lower.

We didn’t arrange a place to stay, but we made an agreement with the Tomato Backpackers Hostel (https://tomato.to.it), close to Porta Nuova train station, to have convenient fees. In particular, they offer:

  • 2 four-beds room, from 10 to 13 of April, 25.5€ per night/bed;
  • 1 four-beds room, from 11 to 13 of April, 25.5€ per night/bed;
  • 5 double rooms, from 11 to 13 of April, 66€ per night;

The prices include taxes but not breakfast (they have a bar but there are plenty of places to eat nearby). The number of places is limited, therefore the places will be available on a first serve basis.

If you can’t find accommodation at Tomato, don’t panic, Torino is still full of alternative accommodations. The area delimited by Via Po, the Po river, Corso Dante and Via Nizza, along the metro line or the bus line 18, is the best in terms of transports and proximity to city center (you can find the map on the EuroNet MRPH website, euronetmrph.org).

Transportation Options


Torino-Caselle airport is the closest flight destination, although it doesn’t always offer the most convenient flights. As you can see from the website (https://www.aeroportoditorino.it/en), there are connections with the main EU cities and capitals (also some domestic flights from Rome, Naples).

Milano Malpensa airport is the second closest option, and it is well served by many flights operated by a huge variety of companies. Here you might find cheaper solutions, but remember to add 20-25 euros to get from Malpensa to Torino city center by bus (http://www.sadem.it/en/prodotti/collegamento-aeroporti/milano-malpensa-airport.aspx), or less with Flixbus, of course. The bus journey is about 2 hours.

Milano Orio al Serio is the third option. Same considerations about Malpensa, but this one is farther from Torino.


SNCF operates 3 daily connections Paris-Torino. It takes about 6 hours, and if you book well in advance you can find some really cheap offers. Check train booking websites like https://en.oui.sncf/en/ or https://www.omio.com/ for the best solutions.

Trenitalia (https://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en) and Italo (Italotreno.it) are the two companies operating long run journeys in Italy. As usual, the earlier you book, the less you pay, so if you’re planning to anticipate or to extend your trip in Italy and also want to visit other places, check out these websites.

The train could be a valid option for those coming from, for example, Slovenia, Croatia, France.