EuroNet MRPH UK – Brexit Statement

Dear EuroNet members,

It has been a week since the results of the referendum have come through with a result of 51.9% voting for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union sinking in.

We realise the majority of EuroNet members, including all of the UK EuroNet committee, are extremely disappointed and upset by the result. For now, the short term and long term implications for the UK are uncertain across all areas, particularly for the NHS and for public health. However, as emphasized by the Faculty of Public Health in their recent statement, the decision has been made and within the UK, “we need to ensure the best aspirations of the Leave campaign are delivered and the worst predictions of the Remain campaign are avoided”.

International collaborations are crucial in public health. Organisations such as EuroNet will become more important than ever to preserve and strengthen those relationships, irrespective of the political situation. We will be reinforcing this view to our European colleagues and friends and will keep you updated with any further developments.

For now, we will follow the developments carefully and reiterate our commitment to the principle of EuroNet – connecting public health trainees across Europe to share practice and ultimately improve the health of our populations across the region.

UK EuroNet team (