Traineeship & Internship Programmes

Here are some traineeship and internship programmes we’ve identified. Internships and traineeships are great opportunities to enhance your professional career in world-renowned organisations. You can find which of these have open vacancies here.

Please note that the programmes listed below are fully managed by the respective host organisations and that EuroNet has no influence over the selection process or criteria.

Positions with fixed application timings

OrganisationPositionWhen to applyWebsite
UNAIDS (Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS)InternshipOnce a year (March)Link
European CommissionBlue Book traineeship programmeTwice a year (March and August)Link
EFSA (European Food Safety Agency)TraineeshipOnce a year (April)Link
EPHA (European PH Alliance)Traineeship programmeTwice a year (April and October)Link
EUFIC (European Food Information Council)Internship programmeTwice a year (April and October)Link
EMA (European Medicines Agency)TraineeshipOnce a year (May)Link
European Commission JRC (Joint Research Centre)Scientific traineeshipTwice a year (May and October)Link
ECDC (European Centre for Disease Control)Traineeship programmeOnce a year (October)Link
ASPHER (Association of PH Schools in the European Region)Fellowship programme*Once a year (October)Link
EU-OSHA (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)TraineeshipOnce a year (November)Link
UNFPA (UN Population Fund)Global internshipOnce a year (December)Link

*only for individuals associated with ASPHER member schools

Organisations posting opportunities throughout the year

WHOInternship programmeLink
World BankMultiple programs and internshipsLink
UNITAR (UN Institute for Training and Research)TraineeshipsLink
UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund)InternshipsLink
UNDP (UN Development Programme)InternshipsLink
UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)InternshipsLink
GAVI, the Vaccine AllianceInternship programmeLink
WFP (World Food Programme)InternshipsLink
EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs & Drug Addiction)TraineeshipsLink
ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)TraineeshipsLink

Organisations accepting applications throughout the year

OECDInternship programmeLink
EMERGENCY (NGO)InternshipsLink
EcoHealth Alliance (NGO)InternshipsLink

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Are you aware of any other traineeship or internship programmes? Please let us know!

Page last updated on the 9th of February 2024.