President: David Peyre-Costa
4th year resident in Montpellier, France

Vice-President: Giovanna Failla
3rd year resident in Rome, Italy

Secretary: Ambrogio Cerri
2nd year resident in Rome, Italy

Treasurer: Fabiana Cazzorla
3rd year resident in Grenoble, France


Internship: Giulio Borghi
3rd year resident in Nantes, France

Communication: Francesca Zanni
1st year resident in Bologna, Italy

Research: Marta Caminiti
2nd year resident in Perugia, Italy

Webmaster: Bertrand Galet
2nd year resident in Strasbourg, France


The network is run by National Commissions (NCs) and the Board. Its operational work is also supported by Leads.
NCs are made up of a maximum of six members, representing their own national associations. Members of the NC are chosen according to the rules of their national association. The NCs have full decisional power and are asked to vote on specific issues where each NC will count for one single vote.

The Board is made up of four EuroNet MRPH members who assume the roles of President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Treasurer. Board members are chosen by election within EuroNet MRPH for a one-year mandate. The Board is in charge of the administrative and representative functions of the network.

Leads are responsible for the coordination of the work of the network in specific fields. The purpose of their work is to enhance the development of the network in scientific, communication, social and cultural domain. Currently there are 4 Lead positions:

  • Research Lead: coordination of research projects within the network.
  • Communication Lead: communication of the network which comprises of quarterly newsletters, maintaining mailing lists and social media.
  • Internship Lead: looks for new internship opportunities to propose to the members of the network but also monitors and records activity of the network in this respect.
  • Website Lead: responsible for the maintenance of internal server and email affairs, as well as update and enhancement of the website.