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Consulta degli Specializzandi SItI (commonly “Consulta”) is a part of the Società Italiana di Igiene, Medicina Preventiva e Sanità Pubblica (SItI), the Italian Society of Public Health.

Consulta’s aim is to promote and to stimulate professional, cultural and personal development in the Italian Medical Residents in Public Health, to promote cooperation between the Italian Public Health Schools and to stimulate discussions about issues related to Public Health.

Consulta is composed of two representatives for each of the 32 Italian Public Health Schools, accounting for more than 700 residents across Italy. Consulta members are chosen by each School through elections in which all the School’s residents have the right both to vote and to stand for. Once elected, Consulta members elect their President; members’ and President’s mandates last two years. The election of the new President takes place every even year, in October, during the National Public Health Conference.
Consulta is fully aware of the importance of having tight relations and productive forms of cooperation between Public Health Residents across Europe; that’s why Consulta is a proud founder of the Euronet of Medical Residents in Public Health.

Consulta shares with its European counterparts the need for a better integration of Public Health trainings in Europe; for this reason it provides Euronet MRPH with a list of places where it is possible for residents belonging to the associations that take part in Euronet MRPH to have internships during their residencies.

For more information  and to view all the documents edited by Consulta, please check the website:

Information about residency program

Public Health Residency is offered in 34 Universities. In 2016 have been financed 180 national scholarships, 13 regional scholarships and 19 places have been reserved for National Health Service physicians). The access is granted through a national selection.

Pre-training requirements

To access the public health residency medical degree and medical licence are needed.

Duration of training
The duration of the public health residency is 4 years.

Mandatory educational requirements
The educational requirements are defined by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Residents in Public Health must acquire technical, scientific and professional knowledge in the fields of preventive medicine, health education and health promotion, health management, hygiene and nutrition, hygiene and environmental safety, hygiene and occupational safety, civil and health buildings constructions, medical statistics, epidemiology, demography, health information systems, health legislation, evidence-based prevention and health care.

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Mandatory training requirements
Training programs are based on educational areas chosen by the resident in agreement with the Director of the School of Hygiene. Residents participate to research activities at the University Department and do training experiences in Healthcare Management, Public Health Department and Primary care Department at the local training network. Residents may apply for internships outside the local network for a maximum of 18 months.

Post-training careers

Public health specialists can work at public health departments of local sanitary holdings or at regional/national institutions, or work for private organizations. Another opportunity is the university career (phd, grant, master’s degree).


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