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Asociación de Residentes de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública (ARES - MPSP) is the association of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Residents of Spain. It was founded in 2006 at Madrid  and we were happy to join the network of EuroNet in 2009.  

The members of ARES - MPSP representing the Spanish national commission of EuroNet MRPH are also elected annually. 

The association from and for residents  aims to:

  • Represent the interests of Spanish preventive medicine and public health residents and
  • Act as an accessible source of information for all Spanish public health residents
  • Advocate for higher quality of residency scheme in Spain;
  • Promote cooperation with other national and international associations and networks working in the field of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.
  • Promote public health residency among medical students and trainee doctors;
  • Encourage scientific research activities among public health residents;
  • Organise or participate in organisation of symposiums, workshops, seminars and round tables on public health topics;

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact the EuroNet Spanish team. Also you can find more info at ARES website (in Spanish). 

You are welcome to visit our website: or you can contact us at

Information about residency program

The Preventive Medicine and Public health residency in Spain, have the aim of training which prepares for researching, applying and promoting of policies and activities directed towards the promotion and protection of health, surveillance of the population´s health, identification of their health needs and the planning, managing and evaluating of health care services.

Each year, 61 places of Preventive Medicine and Public Health are offered, distributed throughout the country.

Pre-Training Requirements
All residents must be graduates of general medicine (Six years), after the graduation they must pass the national admission exam (Medical Intern Residency- MIR); the choice is determined by the result of this exam. Also international medical graduates can applied for MIR (if belong to UE is the same as above and Non UE: choose in an 4% of the places and by the MIR order results).  

Duration of training
The duration of the Preventive Medicine and Public Health residency is 4 years and consists of training at authorised medical services providers. The curriculum consists of 4 phases:

  • 1st: Master in Public Health (first year)
  • 2nd: 12 months in Hospital and 6 months in Primary Care
  • 3rd: 15 months in Public Health Administrative Units
  • 4th: 6 months in Public Health Research Units

Mandatory Educational Requirements
Theoretical education is acquired mostly in the 1st phase, during the Master in Public Health (MPH) included in the program at the first year. The MPH includes classes about epidemiology, health policy, economics, management, evidence-based public health, methods in public health, biostatistics, modern public health concepts. At the end of the Master in Public Health, the resident must make a thesis and defend it publicly.

Mandatory Training Requirements
It’s mandatory a hospital based period in Preventive Medicine (HAIs surveillance and  hygiene) during 4 - 12 months. Moreover by the end of the training period, you should have achieved a variety of competences in core areas (Health promotion, epidemiology, environmental health and health management). The following text describes the 4 phases of the curriculum Preventive Medicine and Public Health residency in Spain:

  • First Phase
    MSc in Public Health, 9 months.
  • Second Phase
    Hospital and Primary Care

12 months in Hospital: 3 months first year then 9 months in second year

Preventive Medicine
Quality Management
Management and Administration
Promotion and Health Education

6 months in Primary Care

Management and Administration
Preventive Programs
Quality Management
Promotion and Health Education

  • Third Phase

15 months in Public Health Administrative Units

Epidemiological Surveillance Units
Mobility and Mortality Registers Units
Public Health Laboratories
Health Promotion Units
Preventive Programs Units
Health Plans Units
Food Products Security
Health Care Services Evaluation Units
Environmental Health Units

  • Forth Phase

6 months in Public Health Research Units

University Departments of Public Health
Public Health Schools
Evaluation Agencies
Other units with experience in research


Training Outside Spain
Permitted 4 months per year, not exceeding 12 months during the 4 years.

End of Training Assessment Method
Residency log review made by an annual evaluation team.

Post-Training careers

In Spain the majority of opportunities are within local, regional and national government and Public Health.

There are also opportunities in different areas, included in the training:

  • Hospital epidemiologist and Infection Control
  • Technical Expert in Public Health
  • Epidemiology Centers - Field Epidemiology
  • Research Agencies and Health Technology Assesments Centres
  • Health Management and Administration
  • Universities (Public health department of the Faculty of medicine)

If you have any question, don't hesitate and ask us.

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