Working Groups // Post-Residency Employability

Dear colleagues,

We’re happy to announce that the Post-Residency Employability Study is getting started! And we’d like people from every Euronet country to join our team!

What is it about?

We want to know what kind of job opportunities we can expect after finishing our residency programs. Therefore, we designed a survey on several aspects of the working conditions of Public Health (PH) specialists after completing their training period. Now we need your collaboration for adapting it to all Euronet countries and translating it. Then we’ll spread it to specialists that have already completed their specialty training. The results will be of great value to map the real conditions that specialists in PH will face once their training period is over: first job delay, employment rates, salary, geographical mobility…

The information gathered will be a useful tool in order to gain understanding about public health job opportunities throughout the European region. In addition, this data may help present and future public health residents to plan and redefine their career paths.

How can you join us?

If you’re interested in joining us (of course you are!) or need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us through We’ll be very pleased to inform you.