WG // LGBT+ Residents’ health and work environment

The LGBT+ Residents’ health and work environment working group is the newest of the EuroNet MRPH working groups! The group was initiated because it was recognised that at the present time, there is no research about the workplace experiences and the related health outcomes of the medical residents identifying themselves as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Asexual, Gender queer, Intersex, Pansexual).

For many reasons, medical residents can represent a difficult population to investigate on: lack of time, remote placements during the residency and, for LGBT+ medical residents, disclosure status. The working group aims to undertake a piece of research to investigate LGBT+ medical residents’ experiences of being LGBT+ in the workplace.

The questionnaire survey will be open to all residents, independently of their sexual orientation and will be translated into local languages by working group members and will be available online. The questionnaire will be accessible without direct contact with the researchers in order to create a greater sense of anonymity and safety of the participants. We hope that the study will help us better understand the issues faced by LGBT+ residents, and we hope to work with partner organisations to share findings and tackle any issues raised.

If you would like to know more about the group please contact us through the EuroNetMRPH contact for or send an email to lgbt.euronetmrph@gmail.com.


Proposed timeline:

  • Edition of a questionnaire of about 40 questions (in progress)
  • Translation of the questionnaire and validation
  • Sharing of the questionnaire by a “snowball” methodology in order to create a greater
  • Sense of anonymity and safety of the participants (Spring 2018)
  • Data collection and analysis (Summer 2018)


Proposed timeline:

  • A citation list and a wide selection of research papers are available for all participants in a dedicated shared folder
  • Precise statistical methods available in the working group protocol
  • Data open to all participants, any time

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