WG // Satisfaction Study

Residents' satisfaction, working conditions and atmosphere in the work-place impact the quality of their work and the learning outcomes. Several studies have evaluated satisfaction of medical residents with the residency program in different areas of medicine, but there are very few published studies that have researched the area of public health residency.

A survey among public health residents in Slovenia was performed in January 2017 to evaluate the residents' satisfaction level with the residency program. We now want to extend the study to other European countries, who are members of EuroNet MRPH.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the satisfaction level among public health residents with the residency program and to examine their attitudes and experiences on important issues, such as supervision and workload. The data obtained in the study will provide the opportunity to compare the results between different countries and see what are the differences, the good practices and the opportunities to improve national residency programs.


Proposed timeline:

  •  July 2017: Form a working group.
  • August – September 2017: Do a scoping review of the published studies.
  • October – November 2017: Set up the methodology for the study (decide on which questionnaire would be appropriate for our study and adapt it for public health residency).
  • December 2017 – April 2018: Translate the questionnaire, validate the questionnaire and distribute it online among public health residents in each country.
  • May – June 2018: Extract and centralize the data.
  • July– September 2018: Do the statistical analysis.
  • October – November 2018: Write an article.
  • 28 November – 1 December 2018: Present the results at the 11th European Public Health Conference in Ljubljana.


Coordinator: Špela Vidovič (Slovenia)

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