EuroNet MRPH Winter Meeting

Dear friends!

Slovenian public health residents joined EuroNet MRPH in November 2016. Since then we have enjoyed attending every meeting and it is high time for us to organise one ourselves. We hope to take our collaboration to new heights both literally and figuratively. Thus, following on the heels of the EPH Conference in Ljubljana we will be hosting the EuroNet MRPH Winter Meeting on the spectacular alpine plateau of Velika Planina.

Our venue Velika Planina rises to 1,600m offering fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and is just a short drive, cable car and chairlift out of the capital – don’t worry we are organising transport. It is one of the last high alpine herdsmen’s villages in Europe with the plateau dotted with cute wooden huts though we’ll be staying in more comfortable lodgings than the herdsmen of the past (imagine saunas and outdoor wooden hot tubs;). It will be the perfect escape from the city’s public health hazards of noise and air pollution. Enjoying the clean air of the alps and with no distractions around we will be able to focus our energy on networking and the inner workings of EuroNet MRPH.

The General assembly will be hosted at the Zeleni rob restaurant, a snowball’s throw away from the cottages, with plenty of delicious traditional Slovenian food. As public health residents we think we can also be trusted to responsibly enjoy a drink together, just enough to facilitate the exchange of stories from past meetings as well as share our work and new ideas.

A winter fairy-tale is coming and we hope you are going to join us! Don’t forget to apply before October 7th!!
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Velika Planina, Slovenia 2018

Association of Public Health Residents of Slovenia