Site maintenance and visual identity of the Network

The site is undergoing a deep maintenance. We’re reorganizing the layout, trying to make it more attractive and easy to use, suitable for tablets and mobile phones. At the same time, we are reorganizing the pages but the work is not yet over and some contents are missing. Please, bear with us. We’re working hard for you.

If you need information about internships, residency in EuroNet member countries and so on, feel free to contact us by email ( is still valid, though new @euronetmrph emails are under way!) or contact form. We will try to answer within the shortest delay. If you need to contact National Teams (soon to be called “National Commissions”), feel free to fill the contact form, or send an email to the address available at team contact page. Teams do their best to answer within the shortest delay!

EuroNet MRPH is always very active on Twitter and Facebook. You can contact us there too.


In spite of site maintenance, EuroNet identity does not change. We love having European flag stars in our logo, and we will put it online again as soon as possible – maybe with a few changes. If you want to send us your comments, or if you have some free time to help us, please, contact us. And if you want to join us, we will be in Dublin on 25th and 26th November 2016 for EuroNet MRPH Winter Meeting! See you there!