Valencia Summer Meeting | Save The Date | 12-13 July 2018


It has become a habit of mine to pitch EuroNet MRPH whenever I am approached by future or new Public Health residents. This is very much how I was introduced to the organisation by a certain Mr Pantoja in the autumn of 2015. The idea isn’t hard to pitch: whether you’re interested in engaging in some international research collaboration or just plain old multicultural interaction and travel it’s an easy sell. Despite this it has always stricken me as odd how most residents that are initially interested in joining EuroNet never actually end up participating in any of the activities. How many Vinkos, Del Pretes or Scandalis have we lost to this lack of engagement? Although I can’t speak for everyone I can say that, for me, meetings were the real game changer. It’s one thing to hear the stories, to Skype with some faceless foreigners with internet connections of varying quality, and an entirely different one to exchange ideas over coffee or wine. To participate in a Melting Pot where fresh ideas from all over Europe are shared. Some say that you are the average of the people that you surround yourself with, and I can say that at some of these meetings is where I have felt at my best.

EuroNet meetings have definitely evolved over the past few years. From tiny mountain top towns to empire capitals. Taverns to town halls. Organizing a EuroNet meeting today means you have very big shoes to fill.

We are willing to accept that challenge.

The Spanish EuroNet and National Commission are happy to invite you to the 2018 EuroNet Summer Meeting in the city of Valencia, where we hope you will be inspired, motivated and perhaps even have a little fun.


Julio Muñoz
Spanish EuroNet Team

Valencia 2018
Come for the Paella. Stay for the Net.

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